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Wendys Nutrition - How Do They Measure Up!

Wendys Nutrition

I'm a purist when it comes to . However, there are times when we all need to grab a quick bite for one reason or another Wendys nutrition. I always try to find reasonable alternatives when such a situation arises. I try to find options that are nutritious and as unprocessed as possible.

has been made for some time that the option of "healthy" fast food. Take a look at their menu is a pleasant surprise. Wendy salad options are surprisingly healthy. As with any salad , not vegetables that give rise to fat, processed ingredients, but how you decide to dress the salad that makes a difference in their nutrient content. When I eat, I usually opt for the option of light oil and vinegar as a dressing Wendys nutrition. I squeeze a little lemon juice over the salad, add salt and pepper and have a beautiful, healthy dressing without all the additives.

As for dressings Wendy van , there are some basic options in the "healthy" fats available. What is nice to see on the site Wendy is the inclusion of a "gluten-free" menu Nutrition labels. For Wendy to accommodate the growing number of people who suffer from gluten intolerance or celiac disease is refreshing and a good business decision.

Website offers nutrition information for all of your regular menu options. I am a big advocate of reading labels to find out about what is added to my meal. Wendys nutrition The good thing about Wendy is that there are options available where you can get the sauces on the side or opt for no sauce at all.

For calorie counters , Wendy has three menu options that contain less than 550 calories. The grilled chicken salad best served with a sauce that is topped with fat-free dressing is a good choice for the health conscious . Also on the menu is 550 calories will wrap grilled chicken, without sauce and served with a small dish of chili . The last option is a plain baked potato with a small amount of chili (which I probably substitute a salad ) .

Certainly it is not gourmet food , but when eaten in haste and in a pinch, they will not ruin your diet.

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